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New Poster: Available at NYCC 2014: booth T4. Swing by!! 

You can buy a copy of Boys with Wings now?!

Boys With Wings


Boys With Wings by E . C. Peterschmidt is simply lovely. Recommended by a friend of a friend of the creator, I was amazed at how much attention to detail there is. It’s not usual to see traditional media webcomics, but Boys With Wings looks like it’s all watercolored.


Set in a world…

Look at this extremely flattering review of my comic a friend of a friend put up! I am truly touched :) Thank you for enjoying the story so much! 

And I do promise that there is more to come, and I thank you for being so patient!

Boys with Wings in Print!

Is anyone interested in purchasing a hard copy if my comic? I’m thinking about running a Kickstarter.

The choice between freelance and a full time gig … is it possible to do both at once?
Time for the next chapter.

I’m reaaaallllyyyyyy excited to move into my room. Is it embarrassing that I made crappy photoshop game plans?

The Night Bringer.